Electronic Security

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If you require a new alarm panel, need to replace your existing alarm panel, or just need your existing alarm panel to be serviced then speak to us today.


Brand New Alarm Systems Fully Installed from only $738 inc GST

D.I.Y. Wireless Alarm Panel Inc 2 Remotes,  2 Detectors  &  GSM/GPRS  Dialler  only $643 inc GST

Replace Your Existing Tired Old Alarm Panel from only $428 inc GST

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Home Alarm Maintenance

Your alarm system, just like any piece of technical equipment, requires servicing to ensure it continues to function as it should. We recommend that all security systems have an annual maintenance service in accordance with Australian standards. We can service all brands of alarm panels. Many homeowners rely on a smoke detector as a component of their home security system, so it is important to ensure it is working at its optimum level. A working smoke detector not only provides an early warning to occupants of an actual fire, but a monitored smoke detector provides additional peace of mind—particularly when you may not be at home.


Smoke detectors

All South Australian homes must have a smoke detector.


It is a requirement of the Development Act 1993 that all South Australian homes are fitted with a working smoke detector. Smoke detectors save lives by providing homeowners with early warning about house fires. Fitting a hard-wired smoke detector in your home will help protect your family.


We can provide expert advice on the appropriate location of your hard-wired smoke detector. Depending on the layout of your home, it may be necessary to install more than one smoke detector to provide sufficient warning.


Hard-wired smoke detectors, which are incorporated into a monitored home security system, provide the best fire protection for your home. If the alarm is triggered whilst you’re not at home or are asleep, the Monitoring Centre will alert you & the authorities, unlike a standard smoke detector which will just beep without contacting anyone.


Sick of locking your pet away before you put the alarm on? We can install pet-friendly detectors that allow pets of up to 25kg to remain in your home without triggering the alarm.



Electronic Access Control

Protect your premises with electronic access control.

Whatever premises you occupy, the ability to control who enters & when is paramount to your security needs.  An access control system allows for the free flow of authorised personnel, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors.


At Accredited Locksmiths Doors & Alarms we have a comprehensive range of access control solutions, including: electronic solutions (both wired & wireless), high security way master key systems, commercial grade door furniture & physical barriers (doors). We can ensure that, whatever your needs, every part of your access control is adequate for the level of security required.


  • EVVA High Security Master Key System
  • GP  Master Key System
  • Fire Doors
  • Metal Clad Doors
  • Proximity Fobs & Cards systems
  • Swipe Card systems
  • Code Pads
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Electromechanical Locks
  • Biometric Systems


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KABA C-Lever    View PDF

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