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Why do I Need a Monitored Alarm?


In these times we are all use to hearing, and often ignoring the sounds of sirens and ringing bells from buildings and vehicles, which is why consumers need to rely on alarm monitoring stations to be assured that someone will respond to their intruder alarms.


Each year inAustralia, 390,000 thefts are reported annually. Figures released by AAMI in 2002 as the result of a national study indicated that homes fitted with alarms continued to prove a less likely target for burglars. In fact, only 3.6 percent of claims were from homes that were fitted with a

back-to-base alarm.


 Maybe you live or work in a good neighbourhood. However, wealthy suburbs can be an attractive target for burglars. An alarm system provides peace of mind. Beyond the threat of burglary, our systems can also be designed to provide an immediate response in the event of a personal emergency.
Burglary can result in damage to your property in addition to the loss of goods. For businesses, this equates to significant disruption and loss of productivity.

Any alarm system is a deterrent to burglary, and an ordinary smoke detector might alert the neighbours if they take any notice. However, by linking your alarm system to a monitoring service you will ensure that if you have an intruder or fire, the police or fire brigade can be notified immediately. If your health is a concern, a panic switch can be programmed to respond to the medical emergency straight away. On top of this any system problems with you alarm panel will be reported to the monitoring company ensuring that you alarm panel will be operating 100% effectively.



Do you feel that you are paying too much for your existing alarm monitoring?


We use one of South Australia’s best A1 Grade monitoring centres. Monitoring is from as little as $5.50 per week & we don’t use contracts so you won’t be locked in.

With a monitored alarm system you have the option of protecting your home against fire, burglary, intrusion or a duress situation.

Hard-wired smoke detectors, which are incorporated into a monitored home security system, provide the best fire protection for your home. If the alarm is triggered whilst you’re not at home or are asleep, the Monitoring Centre will alert you & the authorities, unlike a standard smoke detector which will just beep without contacting anyone.

Your alarm system can be designed so that you can have certain doors & windows armed, whilst still being able to move freely within your home. This provides great protection, especially at night against intruders while you & your family are sleeping.

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Only have a Naked DSL connection or Don’t have a phone line at all?

No Problem, we have a solution for you!

Ethernet & GPRS Monitoring

Ethernet is the latest in hard-wired monitoring technologies; monitoring is done over your broadband internet connection. This provides higher security with 24 hour ‘live’ monitoring & is seamlessly backed up by wireless GPRS, should your broadband connection fail.

GPRS Monitoring is the latest wireless technological advancement in home security alarm monitoring using the GPRS network (Mobile Broadband Internet). This provides higher security with 24 hour ‘live’ monitoring where there is no hard-wired connection available.

Ethernet & GPRS monitoring is compatible with most existing home security alarm systems.

Benefits can include:

no need for a traditional landline telephone;

a constant 24 hour ‘live’ connection through to the monitoring station;

wireless communication backup in the event of any problems with the traditional telephone network;

option of monitoring even if you have a naked DSL phone line;

a saving on the cost of phone calls to the monitoring centre.
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